Growing up, I hated pink so much because it was such a stereotypical colour. The regular belief was that boys loved blue and girls, pink.

I remember going to the market with my dad and brother to buy wedding presents for one of my cousins.

My dad settled for cookware and after buying and wrapping, the owner of the shop decided to gift my brother and I, a cute little bowl each.

Guess what he did!

He gave me a pink one and my brother, a blue one. He just went on to assume I’d like the pink one because I’m a girl. I couldn’t complain but I was mad.

The bowls were so beautiful but I hated mine because it was pink.

I didn’t exactly have a favourite colour at that time, but because blue things were always given to my brother, I decided it wasn’t elite enough for me.

I chose to make lemon my favorite colour.

I wasn’t comfortable with it, but I didn’t want pink or any of it’s extended family members like lilac, peach or purple. Other colours weren’t appealing enough either, I managed to settle for lemon.

One time, I made my mom get me a lemon dress. If lemon is my favourite, I might as well wear it with pride.

I felt like a sign post whenever I wore that dress so, I figured I didn’t like bright colours.

That’s when black and grey became my favourite colours and I’ve not regretted that decision.

Well, here’s the big announcement!

If you know me well enough, you’d know that hunting wallpapers is one of my favorite pastimes.

I was scrolling through Pinterest in search of wallpapers the other day, when I came across this pink one.

I’ve finally experienced love at first sight guys!!!

Who knew that I could ever like pink?

I used to feel so sorry for one of my classmates who loved pink so much. I don’t know if she still does but her love for pink was so immense and I used to pray for her to see the light.

Look at me now!! The shade of pink was so beautiful, it blue my mind away so, I searched for more and found another shade that I like.

I didn’t think I would ever like pink, but here I am.

Let’s talk in the comments guys, I want to know your favorite colours!

Do you like pink?

Also, is there any colour you hated, but now like?

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See you next week!


29 thoughts on “The Colour, Pink.

  1. I literally felt the same way too. Like who came up with the idea of pink being a girl’s color. But at the end of the day, despite being comfortable darker shades, you can’t help but be honest about the color pink. It’s just so warm and lovely. 🤗❤️

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  2. What! This is so ironic … cos I’ve loved pink all my life . Every time my mum tells me of how she used pink bath,towel,socks and clothes for me when she birthed me … till now if she wants to get anything for me it’s pink or nothing … like in my house anything pink ( it’s for seyi 😂) I love pink so much …and it’s funy when people start saying and this pink color is nice o , I’m like bruhhh this color defines beauty and elegance . I mean look at Cinderella 😂💗💗.
    When I saw the notification of this post, I couldn’t help my self but smile . Thank you for actually writing something about my fav color .

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  3. I agree that the whole logic of attributing colours to genders is irrational. It doesn’t make sense and it’s something we have to unlearn as a society.
    But tbh, pink has been my favourite colour since forever. Ever since I was young, if anything is pink, I’ll love it. There’s just something about the colour. I don’t think I can ever not love it. I’m glad you’ve been initiated into the cult of pink lovers (thank you pinterest!) and thank you for this post.

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  4. When i was little, i was initiated into liking pink😂😂 because thats what most girls like. Well pink ain’t my favorite colour but i do like the colour it has this kind of calm, warm and everything is beautiful look💓💗💖😍… don’t knw if u get me.
    Nevertheless, i dont have a favourite colour but i do love black. I choose colours based on what i want to use it for.

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  5. Joyce I hate pink, not just because it’s stereotypical but because it’s not strong enough,it doesn’t show strength and royalty and that’s why I like blue. The deep kind that shows prestige because it is a representation of my character

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    1. Wow!!
      What blue does for you, is what black does for me, so I totally get it.
      Pink is growing on me though 😂.

      Thank you for reading ❤️


  6. Cheyi!!! I miss your work!😩 I haven’t read your last post so it’s been like 2 weeks since I blessed my eyes, and the topic!! I love it, it’s super random! It’s beautiful
    Now about this your post😂😂😂😂 I also had a hard time looking for a colour I liked best, but it’s all okay now turns out I like the cliché shit. I’m a sucker for blue

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    1. To Jesus be my glory, it’s not my fault you’ve not read the last one.

      Blue is not elite enough for me😂
      In the end, we are cliche😭😭😂

      Thanks for reading ❤️


  7. I’ve always Iiked the color pink but I didn’t like to admit it when I was younger because of the stereotype attached to it.
    I fancied myself then as a little tomboy.😄
    Now I don’t care much about what anyone else thinks, Pink is a lovely color and definitely one of my faves.

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  8. Pink is such a hetero-normative color and stereotypical, I totally agree with you hahaha I loved purple when I was young but now I kind of like Rose Pink colors and it’s similar palette colors like soft colors. It makes me feel light-hearted. 🙂 Lovely post. ❤

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  9. This is sooo relatable! I used to hate pink growing up because it was too “girly” for me but as an adult I love pink especially the one in the image that you liked. That shade is so beautiful- my nails are literally that colour right now!

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  10. Wow. Nice post.
    I don’t have a favourite colour (I don’t even have faves for anything).
    Pink is a nice colour, though. Especially when you get the awesome shades.
    The stereotype… 😑 Thanks for writing, Cheyi. 🌸

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  11. I was drawn by the title of your post and as I read on all that I kept saying in my head was, “same!” I grew up hating pink, an intense, fiery hate. I hated the stereotype. I hated how girls were brushed off as delicate beings and the colour pink helped cement that presumption, so I hated it with everything possible. Even though I hated the colour pink, I had a hypocritical period because Pink ranger was my favorite ranger 🤧 filled by Red. I also didn’t have a favorite colour till I went through my emo phase and I fell in love with dark shades. But, like you, I stumbled on a very lovely shade of pink and I could not hate it, it was just so beautiful. Now I don’t hate the colour anymore, I still love my dark shades but I also really like yellow too, I feel like I roll between the extremes depending on my mood.

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    1. The hypocritical period😂😂😂
      Dark shades>>>>>>
      I’ve not really warmed up to yellow, but I noticed that I’m not so opposed to bright colors anymore.

      Thanks for reading ❤️


      1. 🤧🤧 I still like Pink ranger, and now I feel no guilt for liking it.
        Go you!! Perhaps you’ll find a lovely shade of yellow and fall in love like you did with pink.

        It was a beautiful read, I really enjoyed 🤗

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