The Day I Would Never Forget.

I stood in line at the bank to make a withdrawal but I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. I wasn’t sure if my mind was only messing with me or someone was actually staring at me. I looked around and everything seemed normal. So much for anxiety disorders. Feeling giddy and excited […]

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The Colour, Pink.

Growing up, I hated pink so much because it was such a stereotypical colour. The regular belief was that boys loved blue and girls, pink. I remember going to the market with my dad and brother to buy wedding presents for one of my cousins. My dad settled for cookware and after buying and wrapping, […]

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You Are Powerful!

“Nabeelah, don’t be afraid of your powers” my grandpa always said. I didn’t really understand him, but now I do. I never met my mother and I have very vague memories of her because, she died when I was three years old. I never met my father either. Grandpa said I should assume he died […]

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When I die.

I like to think that Joyce was a very close friend of mine. I’m not really sure because, she was nice to everyone. There’s a possibility that I was just a random person but I like to believe that we had a strong connection and a bond. Joyce was funny and barely ever ran out […]

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I swear, I’m not frowning.

Do people ask you questions like, “why are you frowning?”, “are you mad at someone?”, “are you in a bad mood?” and the likes of that when you’re in an absolutely normal mood? Better still, has anyone ever said things like, “you don’t smile often”, “your facial expression doesn’t make you seem approachable”, “try to […]

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The Ghost

I died 6 years ago. Wait, I know what you’re thinking. You’re either thinking of running away from me or wondering if that isn’t a long time to be roaming. Well, don’t run away because this is a top secret and I’m trying to confide in you. It is actually a long time to be […]

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I call my tears waterworks. I cry at every slight provocation and once the tears start streaming down, they don’t stop till I’m done. Growing up, it was a cause of concern for my mom. It made her mad at me and I get it now because it makes me mad at me too. Why […]

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I am hotter than the sun!

When you were a child, what did you want to be in the future? I’ll tell you mine but you have to promise to tell me yours in the comments. Now that you’ve promised, you may proceed. I remember saying that I would go to space and even be the first person to go to […]

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Hi guys, I have something very important to talk with you about and I’m typing with a very heavy heart. If you know me, you’ll know how seriously I take the issue of rape. It’s not a subject to be toyed with and I absolutely stand against it. At this point, you’re probably wondering the […]

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I am pregnant!

I’m typing this post with so much anger. I’m so angry at myself. My parents would literally kill me if they find out. I vomited twice yesterday and this means I’m pregnant, right? I can’t even take care of myself and now I have a child growing in my womb. I’m finished! Hey guys! How […]

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Blog Premier!

It’s finally happening guys!!! I’m premiering my blog. Yay! This feels like having the naming ceremony of my first child! Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable!! There’s still space at the back so, if there’s no space for you in front, sit at the back!! Refreshments, coming up! I’m sorry guys. I know […]

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